NatarajaSince 1987, Eastern Sun Yoga Studio has provided instruction in classical yoga, adhering to the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar. The approach is vigorous and precise and focuses on the balance between strength and flexibility. Practice develops body awareness, balance and concentration, while improving physical and mental well-being.

Upcoming Classes & Workshops

4th of July Class

Tuesday, July 4  10:00 – 11:15

One class for all levels

All Students Welcome!


Summer 2017 Series

June 26 – August 19, 8 Weeks, $100

August 21 – September 16, 4 Weeks, $50

See schedule of classes

Restorative & Pranayama Week

The last week of each series will be Restorative and Pranayama Week for all levels of students and classes.   Focuses entirely on restorative poses (relaxation) and pranayama (breathing).

Apprenticeship Program

Eastern Sun’s apprenticeship program is a mentoring relationship between the student and teacher. Prior to beginning the apprenticeship, the student will have attended weekly class with Lou at Eastern Sun or with another certified Iyengar yoga teacher who has observed the student in class and is familiar with the student’s poses and practice for a minimum of one year.

During the 5-month program, the apprentice will observe one class weekly and meet with Lou following the class discuss the sequence from the class, how the poses were taught, and other questions.   The apprenticeship begins with observation for the first 5 months.  In subsequent sessions, the apprentice will advance toward assisting in class as the student develops basic teaching skills.

There will be reading and writing assignments. The apprenticeship program is individualized to what the student needs to foster development of personal practice, understanding of the basic principles of the poses, observation skills, and clarity of instruction.

If you are interested, please contact Lou or talk to your Iyengar teacher to discuss if you are ready to take the next step towards becoming a certified Iyengar teacher.

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